How to turn on auto speak?

When translating you might need to know how the translated word or text should be pronounced correctly. We have envisaged that and added a very useful feature “Auto speak”.

You can easily activate it.

1. Tap the “gear” icon in the right bottom corner of the main screen.


2. There is “Auto speak” option. In order to enable it, move the switch right (will be highlighted with color if “On”).


3. Press “Close” in the left top corner of the Settings screen to get back to the main screen.


Choose either TEXT or OBJECT mode (more information can be found if you follow this link: What modes are in the app and how to switch between them?  

Snap a photo. The translated text/object will be automatically pronounced after recognition is completed. In order to pause auto speak, tap the “speaker” icon in the left bottom corner of the screen. Tap it again if you want to have the text repeated.


“Note: auto speak will start from the beginning and not from the moment when it was paused by you.

Hope this helps. But if you experience other difficulties when using the app, please, write us at

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