How to save photo scans to Camera Roll and add photos from device's memory?

You might want to save your photo scans directly to your device’s memory. It can be done following these simple steps:

1. Open the main screen of the app and tap the “gear” icon in the left top corner to open the “Settings”.


2. Activate “Autosave to Photos” by moving the switch right (should be highlighted with color).


3. Press “Done” in the right top corner to save the changes.


It’s all set, now you photo scans will be automatically saved to your phone. And you can add them to the app anytime as well as any other photo from your Camera Roll.

Simply go to the main screen and tap the “plus” button in the middle bottom of the screen to open scanner mode.


Tap the “image” icon to the left to the big round button in the middle bottom of the scanner screen and choose a photo from your device’s memory.  


Now manage the added photos the way you would if you used the scanner mode. If you have questions, write us at

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