How to change languages and download new ones?

When you open the app, there is a default set of languages already installed. But you can easily add new languages to the app’s memory. For this, please, follow the steps below.

I. Open the main screen of the app, and tap a flag in the top middle of the screen (the left flag represents the language to translate from, the right - the language to translate to).


Swipe down the list of available languages, and tap the “download“ icon on the right to the language of your choice.


Wait for it to download (*the “download” icon will turn into “download progress circle”).


The language selected as OCR will be highlighted with yellow color and have a “verification sign” (1). Downloaded language will be highlighted with white color and will lack the “download” icon (2).


When finished setting the OCR language, press “Done” in the right top corner of the screen.


II. You can also download OCR languages from the “Settings”.

For that, tap the “gear” icon in the right bottom corner of the main screen.


Select “OCR Languages”, and repeat the steps described above.


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