How to see the picture for clues or exit the puzzle?

Doing a puzzle may be frustrating at times and it is possible that you’ll get stuck.  But don’t worry. To understand where all the pieces should go, consult the original picture, and compare it with your achievements.

In order to see the picture you are handling with this particular puzzle, tap the “eye” icon. It is situated in the right bottom corner under the board.


Once tapped, a thumbnail will appear to give you hints.


If you want to exit the puzzle, tap the “pause” icon (in the right bottom corner under the board) and select “Library” tab in the pop-up window.  

IMG_20180125_120206_0583_copy_2.PNG IMG_20180126_141401_0601.PNG

You will be transferred to the previous screen. And don’t worry, your progress will be saved after you quit. To know more, follow this link: Where to find unfinished puzzles?

Hope you are enjoying our app!

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