How to choose a puzzle?

We have gathered a variety of different puzzles to make your experience with our app most pleasant. All the puzzles are divided into categories for your convenience. In order to choose one of them, please do the following:

1. When on the main screen, swipe left to see all the available categories and tap one category to open.


*Note: “Popular” (1) and “New” (2) categories are separated from the rest, and can be found in the middle of the screen.  

2. Every category contains sections which, in its turn, contain thematic puzzles. Simply select a section by tapping it and then tap the thumbnail image of the puzzle you want to assemble.

IMG_0374_copy.PNG IMG_0375.PNG

3. Adjust the puzzle’s settings to your liking, tap “New game”, and enjoy.


*Note: to learn more about the game’s settings, follow this link: How to change difficulty level?

If you still have problems or more questions, contact us at

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