Puzzle is unfinished, but there are no more pieces

You may encounter a situation when your puzzle is still unfinished, but there are no more pieces left in the box.

It would be harder for you finding the right piece if there were too many of them in the box. So, for your convenience, when handling a big puzzle, you will only see the pieces necessary to piece together a section.

Once you have figured out where all the pieces in a section should go, tap the “eye” icon to open a picture that gives away their placement.


*Note: there is a light slider that helps you to choose the next section you will be handling.

To choose a section, just move the slider across the picture, and new pieces will immediately appear in the box. (Hint, the selected fragment is highlighted with light while the gray area is inactive).

IMG_20180125_120210_0584_copy.PNG IMG_20180125_120217_0585_copy.PNG

There, new pieces have appeared in the box, and you can continue until the puzzle is completed. But if you can’t finish it now, no problem, you can safely quit the app, because your progress will be saved. To learn more, please, follow this link: Where to find unfinished puzzles?

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