Where to find unfinished puzzles?

It takes some time and effort to do a puzzle, or sometimes a lot of time and effort if it’s 630 pieces puzzle*, so we made sure your precious time and work won’t be wasted.

*Note: 280 and 630 pieces puzzles are only available to Premium users.

All the puzzles you open are automatically saved to “My puzzles” so that when you open it again you won’t have to start anew. To open the folder:

1. Go to the main screen and tap the “heart” icon in the right bottom corner of the screen.


2. Choose one of the puzzles you've started doing earlier. Unfinished puzzles have a completion status bar.


3. Tap the puzzle and set the number of pieces chosen earlier. You can also allow or disallow rotation of pieces, and press “Continue”. The game will resume where you left it.

*Note: you can start the same puzzle but with different settings (number of pieces and “Rotate pieces” option), all your choices will be saved. 

E.g. (Same puzzle. Number of pieces - 35 and 70, “Rotate pieces” option disabled)

 IMG_20180126_143326_0607_copy.PNG IMG_20180126_142736_0605_copy.PNG

It is really simple and now you’ll have your puzzles at hand’s reach anytime.

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