How to mark habits for previous days?

There is a possibility that you might forget to mark a habit, or task as “done”, or “skipped”, and thus distort your statistics. In order to prevent this from happening, you can change the status of the habits and tasks scheduled for the previous 6 days.

You have to follow these simple steps:

  1. When on the main screen, tap one of the days at the bottom of the screen.
  2. You will be transferred to the screen of the chosen day, where all scheduled tasks and habits will be displayed.
  3. To change the status of a task or habit, tap it and either mark as “done”, or “skipped”.

*Note: For more information, consult the link below: How to mark a habit as “done”?


To understand how it works, let’s see the example below

Say, today (Wednesday), you have time to mark your achievements for the previous days Saturday - S (1), and Tuesday - T (2).


On Saturday, according to the statistics, all scheduled tasks, and habits were either marked as “skipped”, or ignored.

Once you tap the “S” icon, you will be transferred to the “Saturday” screen.

As you can see a “Call mom...” habit is active. Swipe it right to mark as “done”, or left to mark as “skipped”. In this example, we’ll change the status to “done”.


Now open the “Tuesday” screen.

Mark your habits as “done”, or “skipped”. In this example, we’ll change the status to “done”.


After your manipulations, go back to the main screen and check your new statistics.

Saturday - S (1), and Tuesday - T (2) are now marked in your statistics in a filled circle, in other words, as successfully completed.   


Please, bear in mind that you can mark a habit either as "done", or "skipped" only for the days when it already existed. In other words, you can not add statistics gathered before you started using "Productive".  

Your statistics have improved significantly. Keep on the good job!

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