What modes are in the app and how to switch between them?

“Snap & Translate” app is designed to meet your expectations. For your convenience, there are two modes available in the app: OBJECT and TEXT mode.

I. OBJECT mode allows for translating the object captured within the frame.


To snap the photo of an object you want to translate, press the big round button in the middle bottom of the main screen.  

Next, let the app process the picture and translate the found object. Here is an example.

IMG_20180125_144459_0587.PNG IMG_20180125_144509_0588_copy.PNG

*Note: if relevant, you will see other objects’ names and/or translation suggestions. To select other objects, tap its name (the selected object’s name will be highlighted with color).



II. TEXT mode allows for translating the written text.


To translate a written text, align it within a frame and press the big button in the middle of the main screen. Wait for the text to process.  

IMG_20180125_151353_0597_copy_2.PNG IMG_20180125_151431_0600_copy.PNG


How do you switch between the modes?

You will see that switching between the two is very simple. You just have to use one of the following options:

1. When on the main screen, tap either TEXT or OBJECT button.

2. You can also use swipe. Swipe left for TEXT and right for OBJECT.

*Note: The selected mode will be highlighted with yellow color and its denomination will be situated in the center of the screen.

To check which mode is on:

  • If you see “Align text” message in the middle of the main screen as well as lines, it means the TEXT mode has been activated.
  • If you see “Fit object inside the frame” message in the middle of the main screen, it means the OBJECT mode has been activated.

Hope this helps. But if you experience other difficulties when using the app, please, write us at

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