How to share photo scans and folders?

How often you regretted not having taken better care of your old photos? Or maybe some of them were lost when you moved house? This is no longer an issue with this fantastic app. Now all your photos and memories will be safely stored with you.

You can even share them in an instant. For this, please follow the below given steps:

1. Take pictures of the photos you want to scan by fitting them inside the screen of your device.

IMG_0354.PNG IMG_0355.PNG

2. You can see thumbnails of the photos at the top of the screen. Add scanned photos to a new album or to the existing one by tapping the “verification sign” in the right top corner of the screen and choosing the corresponding tab.

IMG_0359.PNG IMG_0361.PNG

3. Tap “Share” in the middle bottom of the screen to choose sharing options.

You can either share it via Instagram, Mail, Facebook (1) or choose advanced sharing options by tapping “More” (2).


If you tap “More”, you will see a standard “Share” screen on iOS devices. All that is left is to choose a recipient, and your photos will be successfully shared.  


There is also a possibility to share the whole folder

1. When on the main screen, tap the “Share” icon in the right upper corner of the folder.


2. Choose which photo scans you want to share by tapping the verification sign in the top right corner of the thumbnail picture.  (E.g. picture 1 unselected/picture 2 selected).


3. Choose how you want to share the photo scans. The process is the same as for the sharing of a single image as described above.


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