How to change difficulty level?

Do you enjoy challenging yourself? Or maybe you just want to relax a little after a hard day? Don’t worry, we have it covered.

There are two options how you can increase (or decrease) the difficulty level of your puzzle.

  • First, you can change the number of pieces (from 24 to 630*).

To do that, just tap on the puzzle of your choice and move the slider in the center of the screen right/left (the number in the center represents the number of pieces in a puzzle).


*Note: 280 and 630 pieces puzzles are only available to Premium users.

  • Second, you can enable or disable the “Rotation of pieces” option.

If enabled (switched to ON position and highlighted with color), the pieces’ rotation in the box will be set chaotically and you will have to tap a piece to rotate it to a correct position. To rotate a piece, tap it once and its position will change. If you need to do more manipulations, keep on tapping until you set the correct position.

If disabled (switched to OFF position and in gray color), the pieces in the box will be in the exact position how they should be placed on the board. If you choose this option, you won’t be able to rotate a piece even tapping it accidentally.


Having set these parameters, press “New game”, sit back, and enjoy.  


Hope this helps.

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