I've seen all these live wallpapers. Why aren't there any new ones?

Wallpapers are regularly updated in “Live Wallpapers for Me”. We are trying to do our best in order to meet your expectations. If you have suggestions or ideas on which wallpapers could be added into the application - please let us know at

If there haven’t been new updates for “Live Wallpapers for Me” for some time - please make sure that you have given permission for the app to update its content. For this please go to Settings > Live Wallpapers for Me > Background app refresh.


In order to stay tuned for the news and use app’s novelties you might consider activating app’s notifications in the settings of your iPhone. For this please go to Settings > Live Wallpapers for Me > Notifications > Allow notifications. By activating various notification options it is possible to turn on different types of notifications as well as sound and video ones.


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