How to set a wallpaper (detailed guide)

In order to set Live Wallpaper please follow the steps:

1. Open the app “Live Wallpapers for Me”. Press the button in order to see the Menu with the available categories: New (most recently added live wallpapers), Popular (most used live wallpapers) or other thematically-organized categories. Press one of the categories to view wallpapers.

IMG_0089_small.jpg  IMG_0090_small.jpg

Please note that 3D Touch function should be turned on in your device settings (Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch).

Settings_-_accessibility.png Settings_-_3D_Touch.png

Scroll images to the left to see available live wallpapers. When you find a live wallpaper you like press Save at the bottom of the screen. You will see the notification that the wallpaper was saved to Photos.

Save_screen.png   Save_message.png

Please note that a wallpaper can only be saved on your device if you allow access to your Photos. Please go to Settings > Privacy > Photos > Live Wallpapers for Me (the switch should be turned to the right).


2. Open standard application Photos and then folder “All photos” in it. Find the saved live wallpaper and tap on it to open.

3. You will see the menu bar at the bottom of the wallpaper. Press Share and then among the available options choose Use as Wallpaper.

Wallpapers_gallery.png     Wallpapers_choosing.png   

4. Here you can see how live wallpaper will look like in the background of your Lock screen. Please choose Live Photo and press Set. You will see available options. Here please choose Lock Screen.

Please note that you will be automatically suggested to install a live wallpaper as a still image if your iPhone is operated in the energy saving mode. In this case you need to choose Live Photo option manually.

Wallpaper_set.png   Wallpapers_set_final.png

5. Now go to Lock screen and you will see the live wallpaper set. In order to see animation please firmly press and hold the screen until you see wallpaper moving.

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