What weather information is available in the app?

There is more to Weather Live than meets the eye. But don't worry because we are always here to help you learn all the features of the app.
We have already explained that you can see short- and long-term weather forecast (read more here).
1. Temperature - Precipitation - Wind (a brief summary in the graph form for the day you selected); You can switch the information in the block by using the corresponding icons.
WL_temperature.jpg WL_precipitation.jpg WL_wind.jpg
2. Precipitation (gives the overall amount of precipitation, a chance of precipitation, humidity, and dew point); 
3. Precipitation forecast map (visual display of different types of precipitation on the map, as well as other useful information);
For more information, click See More.
4. Wind (tells the speed, direction, and wind chill);
5. Sun & Moon (shows the phases of these heavenly bodies)
6. UV Index(gives recommendations as to precautions to be taken before going outside);

7. Sea (displays data on water temperature, tides, waves, etc.);
The name and data displayed on this tab may vary depending on the type of water body (lake, river, sea, ocean, etc.).


8. Air Quality ( shows the air quality outdoors);
You can change the indexing standard of this parameter in the Settings tab.
9. Visibility (shows the visibility range and suggests whether it's good or not);
10. Photography (shows the Golden and Blue Hours);
11. Hurricane Tracker (will alert you to upcoming extreme weather conditions in your region).

Also, among other things, you can customize the layout of the application's main screen and the parameters that will be displayed in the Forecast tab.

To do this, press the Customize Layout button at the very bottom of the screen.

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