What extra parameters are in Weather Live and how to manage them?

There is more to Weather Live than meets the eye. But don't worry because we are always here to help you learn all the features of the app.
We have already explained that you can see short- and long-term weather forecast (read more here).
Additionally, if you swipe up the main screen of the application, you will see the following data: 
1. Sun & Moon (shows the phases of these heavenly bodies); 
2. Air Quality ( shows the air quality outdoors);
3. Photography (shows the Golden and Blue Hours);
4. Wind (tells the speed, direction, and wind chill);
5. Precipitation (gives the overall amount of precipitation, a chance of precipitation, humidity, and dew point); 
6. UV (gives recommendations as to precautions to be taken before going outside);
7. Visibility (shows the visibility range and suggests whether it's good or not). 
mceclip0.png mceclip2.png
There is also a Rain Map for your chosen location that can be found if you swipe the screen down further. Since there is no precipitation in New York, the map is clean. 
At the same time, you can manage the parameters that you see on the main screen of the application. For this, please open the Settings by tapping the gear icon in the top right corner.
Tap the Parameters tab at the bottom of the screen then tap and hold the hamburger button next to a parameter and drag it. Repeat the manipulations to arrange the parameters in the order you want them to be displayed on the main screen and when finished tap Done. 
The number on the left corresponds to the area on the screen where a parameter will appear (consult the preview below). Be advised that you can change the number of parameters changing the layout.
*Note: Please remember that the first 2 parameters (marked with a device image) will be shown on the widget.
The parameters on the Apple Watch will be sorted in the same way.
Hope this article is helpful, and if you need more information, kindly tell us by sending an email to
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    Please show the moon phase and bright pertcentence of the day

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    Thank you for your comment, Yasarenver!

    We appreciate the idea and will consider it for our future versions!

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