How to edit notes?

Notepad+ Pro is a thoroughly designed app meant to simplify the process of taking notes. For this, there is a set of customary tools as well as other helpful functions. Let's discuss them one by one. 

Undo/Redo buttons are situated at the top of the screen on the blue ribbon. The left arrow  cancels a previous action, while the right reverses the last undo. 


2. Next on the ribbon is a pencil icon. You can also change it to the marker, for this, tap the second icon as shown on the screenshot #2 below. For both instruments you can set the color (1) and thickness (2). 

02_copy_2.PNG 03_copy_2.PNG

3. Tap the eraser to erase unnecessary lines and symbols. 


4. You can cut/copy/delete* an element by tapping the scissors icon. The element to be cut/copied/deleted will be highlighted with a dashed frame. To change the size of the frame, tap and drag the right bottom corner of the frame. To place it above another part of the note, tap and hold the frame and then drag it to another spot.

*Note: Please remember that at the moment this option only works with the handwritten parts of the note. It is impossible to use this tool with a typed text or pasted image.


Hope this article helps. And if you need more help, please write us at

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