How do I reinstall an app?

To delete an app on your iOS device, please go to the Home screen and long tap the necessary app's icon. After some seconds a menu will appear with all available options. Select Delete App.

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Or you can continue holding the icon so that all icons start shaking and an X-badge will appear on it's upper left corner. Tap it to delete the app.


Having done all the necessary manipulations, tap Done at the upper right corner of the device's Home screen.

To re-download the app you can search it in App Store or follow this link with all our portfolio - Apalon App Store Apps

*Note! Deleting the app does not cancel your subscription since it is connected directly to your Apple ID. Please make sure to turn off auto-renewal after deleting the app.

If you have iOS 13 or higher, you will receive an automatic pop-up stating that you have an active subscription to the app and suggestion to cancel it.

For more details on how to cancel and manage your subscription please check our illustrated guide - How to cancel subscription?

*Note! If your app is content-based and there are some records stored in it, make sure to save your files before deleting the app. All information is stored only on your device and after deleting the app the data will also be erased. We, as developers, do not keep any backups or copies of your records.

To learn how to reinstall the app without losing your data, please visit our guide - How to reinstall the app without losing personal files?

We hope this helped! Otherwise feel free to reach us out anytime at

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    Ricardo Rojas

    No me es posible compartir tiempo en vivo en Facebook. A qué se debe. Muchas gracias

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    Permanently deleted user


    Thank you for your feedback.

    Please enter the page, scroll it down till you see "Login with Facebook" button. You need to press it and login to the facebook. After this the synchronization should work correctly.

    Please let us know if it does not help.



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