Weather or location data is not updated

There are various reasons why the weather data in the app itself or on the widget may not update:

  • Lack of internet connection (or weak connection);
  • The app does not have permission to track your location;
  • Another device glitch.
    (If nothing has changed after checking the first two points, please contact us at

The following steps will help you fix this temporary problem:

Manually update the data

To do this, swipe down from the top of the home screen until you see a message about the data update process.


Check the Location settings

Go to the app settings by clicking Settings in the lower right corner and look for the Track Location option.

After activating it, you will be redirected to the application settings menu on your device.

WL_data_updating_2.jpg. WL_data_updating_3.jpg

For the app to work correctly and improve the accuracy of its data, we recommend selecting one of the two options for tracking your location: "When Using the App and Widget", or "Always".

It is also highly recommended to activate the Precise Location option.


You can also send us a report with the current data of your location, in case it is not correct.

If the problem has not been solved after following these steps, please let us know at, specifying the city for which the incorrect weather data is displayed, so that we can look into the problem in more details.

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