How to add widgets

The Weather Live app allows you to add several types of widgets so that you are always aware of the weather in your area without having to open the app itself.

*Note: Please remember that in case you have added more than one location to monitor, the widget shows the forecast only for the first location on the list.

Adding a widget to the Home screen:

1. Tap and hold any application icon located on the Home screen, then select Edit Home Screen.


2. Tap the "+" icon that appears in the upper left corner, then start typing the name of the app in the widget search box. Select the app from the list.

WL_________2.jpeg  WL_________3.PNG

3. Click the + Add Widget button.


4. Done!


Adding a widget to the lock screen:

1. Press the lock screen until it enters edit mode, then press the Customize button.


2. Tap + Add Widget and then find the application in the list.

WL_widgets_7.PNG  WL_widgets_8.PNG

3. In the appeared menu, swipe to the left or right to select the information that will be displayed in the widget.


4. Done!


Now by installing one or both widgets at once, you will be able to see the data of the "Weather Live" app even without opening it!

You can also add the Live Activities feature to your lock screen, that provides you with minute-by-minute precipitation forecast. Please find more details here.


We hope this article was useful, and if you still have questions, write to us at We'll be happy to help you!





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