How to add widget

Weather Live allows you add a widget to the Notification Center of your device so that you could always see the weather for your chosen location without the necessity to open the app.

*Note: Please remember that in case you have added more than one location to monitor, the widget shows the forecast only for the first location on the list.

To add a widget, follow these simple steps:

1. Swipe right over the Home screen or Lock screen.


2. Scroll it down and tap Edit.


3. Tap "+" next to the Weather Live widget to add it. 


Scroll the screen up to see the added widget. 


If you have more than one widget and what to move Weather Live to the top, tap and hold the hamburger button and drag the widget where you want to place it. 


To delete a widget, tap the "-" next to it and then Remove. 

6.PNG  7.PNG

When you finish all the manipulations or simply anytime you want to exit the widgets screen after adding a widget, tap Done in the upper right corner.


Now you will be able to see Weather Live data every time you open Notification Center on your device.


Hope this helps, and if you have questions or doubts, please write us at


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