How to read statistics?

You can collect statistics in order to better understand how well you manage to complete tasks and implement habits. It is also a great way to encourage yourself to keep being productive

1. To check your statistics, tap Stats on the bottom left side of the main screen.


You will be transferred to the Statistics screen of the current month. The number below corresponds to the total perfect days within a given month so far. If you started using the app earlier, you can also check statistics for other months by tapping the Left arrow icon.

84.png 85.png

So how do you read statistics?

On the top of the calendar from left to right, you will see letters representing the days of the week from M (Monday) to S (Sunday). The numbers, as you can guess, mean the dates.


You can see that the days when the habits and tasks were marked as “done” are highlighted with a filled circle (1), as opposed to the days in a hollow circle when only some of them were marked as “done” (2).


The days when you had no habits or tasks scheduled will be simply omitted (3), while the days when you marked the tasks and habits as “skipped” or simply ignored them will be crossed out (4).


At the bottom of the page, you can also find information about your Total perfect days, Your best streak, Total habits Done and Average completion per day.



“Total perfect days” section shows how many days you managed to mark your tasks and habits as “done”.

“Your current streak” section shows how many days in a row you managed to mark your tasks and habits as “done”, or “skipped” without omitting a day this time around.

“Total habits done“ section shows how many habits you marked as “done”, and “skipped” since you’ve started using the app.

“Average per day” section shows you how many habits and tasks you implemented within a day since you’ve started using the app.

*Note: if you’ve enabled instructions in the app, you will see “How life log works” hint. To know more, follow this link Where can I find hints? 

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