How to mark a habit as “done”?

It is always great to know how well you handle the pending tasks and follow the habits you have added to “Productive”, and collecting statistics is a way to do just that.

When on the main screen, press the habit you want to mark as “done” and swipe it right. After a green block “Done!” appears on the left, release the habit, and it will be marked as accomplished.


If your plans suddenly changed, or the scheduled habit is no longer relevant, press it and swipe left. After a blue block “Skip” appears on the right, release the habit, and it will be marked as ignored.


You can always undo the changes if you have done so by mistake. Just tap the habit which is no longer active, choose “Undo done” or “Undo skip” to disregard the changes, and the habit will become active again.    

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