How to synchronize "Productive" on different devices?

It is very convenient to install “Productive” on all your devices so that you can always update information and check the statistics.

You will see that it’s not difficult at all if you follow these simple steps:

1. Tap the “gear” icon to open the “Settings” of your device and sign in with your Apple ID.

IMG_2018-01-09T16-17-46_copy_2.JPG IMG_2018-01-09T16-18-22_copy_2.JPG

2. Select “iCloud”. If it’s “off” you will see a corresponding message and will need to sign in.

IMG_2018-01-09T16-17-59_copy_2.JPG IMG_2018-01-09T16-18-22_copy.JPG

3. After signing, go to iCloud, swipe down the list of the apps, and make sure that the switch on the right to “Productive” app is “on” (*highlighted with color). If it’s “off”, swipe it right.

IMG_2018-01-09T16-18-38_copy_4.JPG 1.JPG

*If you don't see Productive app in the list of Apps, please, make sure that iCloud Drive is switched on!

Repeat the steps 1 through 3 on your other device, and the information will be synchronized.

*Note: make sure the devices are on the same Internet connection, otherwise the operation will fail.

Simple as that! Now you can use "Productive" on any device simultaneously.

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