Where can I find hints?

Every new endeavor can be challenging sometimes, and we have envisaged that. For your convenience, there is all kind of hints available in the app. To turn them on, please follow these simple steps:

1. Tap “Menu” in the right top corner of the screen.


2. In the opened window, select “Settings” option and tap it.


3. Now allow the app to give you instructions by tapping ”on” on the right to the instructions.

Now let’s see in greater detail what information will be available to you if you enable instructions.

First and foremost, from now on you can always consult the instructions by tapping the “graduate cap” icon in the right bottom corner of the main screen.


This command will open a pop-up menu with instructions.


Similarly, there are other hints that you can find, for example, on the “Reminders” screen. These hints are indicated with an “i” on the left to them.



You will see that almost every screen of the app contains hints, and it is so much easier to use it! But if you still have questions, please contact us at

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