How to create a habit?

Time matters. In order to help you organize yourself and increase efficiency, we have developed this fantastic app. Now all your habits and plans are within hand’s reach and there is no chance you will forget to do anything important.

If you want to create a one-time task, please consider checking this guide - How to create a one-time task?

In this guide, we will talk about repetitive tasks (habits).

Adding a habit cannot be simpler. You can both write your own habit, or choose from the proposed list. To begin, make the first step:

On the main screen tap the blue "+" button.


I. Creating own habit from scratch with custom settings

If you want to create your own habit, tap the “Create Your Own” option on the “Pick a New One” screen:


Step 1: Name your habit by tapping the “Name” field and add a description, if necessary. Having typed the name, click “Done”.

IMG_0133.jpg IMG_0121.jpg

Select an icon to be displayed along with it. To do that, choose an icon and its color to your liking among the suggested options.

IMG_0128.jpg IMG_0124.jpg IMG_0123.jpg

You can also choose a notification sound for future reminders:

IMG_0126.jpg IMG_0127.jpg

Step 2: Schedule your habit.

First of all, enable the “Repeat” option. It's a crucial point in differentiating between a one-time task and a repetitive habit.


After, choose a repetition interval (daily, weekly, monthly).

The "Daily" tab contains days of the week. By default, all the days are selected. In order to deselect unnecessary days, tap the round button with the first letter of the corresponding day.


*Note: the selected days shall be highlighted with color, as opposed to those left out.

The "Weekly" option allows you to choose how many times a week you will complete a habit. Tap a number from "1" to "6", depending on your weekly goal. If you find out later that the selected number is too frequent for you, you may choose “once every two weeks” option below.

Please note! 
Changing a habit's schedule reverts your progress for it.


The "Monthly" option implies that you need to choose what time of the month is the best to complete a habit. You will be able to choose a specific date in the calendar.


Below you’ll find a helpful ”Set end date” option. Thanks to it you can now choose a day when you plan to complete your habit for the last time. Enable it and tap the "Today" button to open the calendar. 

IMG_0143.jpg IMG_0139.jpg

If needed, you can also set a daily goal for your activity. Please check out the "Goal" field and enable the option. You will be able to choose a number of entries, and also a necessary category: time, min, glasses, pages and miles. Scroll the list up&down to select one.


You can choose a part of the day when you want to repeat your habit as well. By default, the system sets a random time ("Any time of the day"), but you may decide to do it in the morning, afternoon, evening. In our example, we've chosen the Afternoon.


Step 3: Create a reminder.

To create a reminder, proceed to the “Remind me at time” option. Turn on the toggle and set the time for a reminder’s notification to come. 

IMG_0160.jpg IMG_0161.jpg

You can also add a location that triggers your habit ("Remind me at location" option). Your current location will be suggested automatically (if you have location access enabled for our app), other places can be entered from the keyboard or you can drop a pin on the map. Choose either "On Arrival" or "At Departure" option, and press "Done" in the top right corner when finished.


Having set all the parameters, don't forget to save your habit. It will appear on the app's main screen straight away.


II. Adding a habit by choosing one of the suggested bundles (Trending habits, Staying at home, Preventive care matters, Must-have habits, etc.).


For example, you’ve chosen the "Trending habits". Tap it to see the whole list of the habits available.


To view more information, simply tap a habit you want to add. You will be redirected to the page with its name, schedule, and other settings.


To add a habit, tap "Save" in the top right corner of the screen. It will be automatically added to your list.


Your freshly created habits will appear on the main screen if they are due any time today. If that is not the case, they will appear later when the scheduled time comes. 


We hope this helps! If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us at anytime. We're always happy to help!

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