How to add a habit?

Time matters. In order to help you organize yourself and increase efficiency, we have developed this fantastic app. Now all your habits and plans are within hand’s reach and there is no chance you will forget to do anything important.

Adding a habit cannot be simpler. You can both write your own habit, or choose from the proposed list. To do that, follow these steps:

When on the main screen, pull it down and release.

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I. If you want to write a habit, press “Write my own” option.


Step 1: Name your habit by tapping the “Name habit” section and set the timer if necessary. Having introduced the name, press “Done”.


Assign an icon to be displayed along with it. To do that, select the color of the icon, swipe down the screen and tap the icon of your choice. Once finished, press “Next” in the right top corner of the screen. 


Step 2: Schedule your habit. Choose repetition interval (daily, weekly, monthly):

The “daily” option contains days of the week. By default, the "Every day" tab is selected. In order to select just some days of the week, tap the letter of the day. 


*Note: the selected days shall be highlighted with color, as opposed to those left out.

You can also choose the period of the day when you want to repeat the habit. By default, the system sets a random time ("Once at any time" tab) but you can choose to do it in the morning, afternoon, evening (you can select all of the three options). In our example, we've chosen Afternoon. 

If you want to set the exact time, tap the "Add time" tab, swipe the digits to choose the time and tap "Set time". The exact time will be scheduled. 

*Note: the "Set time" function can be applied to weekly and monthly habits as well.


The “weekly” option allows choosing how many times a week you will repeat a habit. Tap a number from 1 to 6 to choose this parameter. If you find that this option applied to the habit is too frequent for your liking, tap “once every two weeks” option beneath the numbers.


The “monthly” option implies that you need to choose what time of the month is the best to implement this particular habit. You can choose among “start”, “middle”, and “end” by tapping the most convenient option or set a "Whole month" repetition. 


Step 3: Having set these parameters, you can also add the location that triggers your habit. To choose a location, tap "Add Location" tab (your current location will be suggested automatically, otherwise you can enter it from the keyboard), choose either "On Arrival" or "At Departure" option, and press "Done" in the right top corner when finished. 



II. You can also create a habit by choosing one of the available topics (Health, Fitness, Home, Hobbies, Social, Efficiency).


For example, you’ve chosen Health. Tap the option to see the advanced information.

Swipe down the list, and choose a habit by tapping it. Or write your own. The process is similar to the one described in § I.


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Almost finished! In order to create this habit, press “Done” in the right top corner of the screen. Your freshly created habit will appear on the main screen if it is due any time today. If no, it will appear later when the scheduled time comes. The given example shows that we have set for both habits to be implemented any time a day and that today (Friday) was selected for both habits.


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