How to set multiple reminders?

We live a busy life, but this fantastic app makes it possible to set multiple reminders in order to always keep to the schedule.

Setting reminders is very easy, you just need to follow these steps:

1. Tap the habit you want to be reminded about?. You can find it on your Today screen or in Habits screen where all your habits are placed.


2. Tap Add Reminders tab, to get to the “Reminders” screen.


3. Tap “Add Time”, set the time of the reminder by swiping through the digits and tap "Save". Likewise, tap “Cancel” if you’ve changed your mind.

74.png 76.png

4. If you need more than one reminder, simply repeat the previous step, and set a different time. E.g. 8:00 PM and 9:00 AM.


5. You can delete a reminder by tapping it and choosing “Delete” (in the right side of the screen), or you can change the time of the reminder by swiping through the digits and tapping “Save” (in the left side of the screen).


6. There are also advanced options available. For instance, you can change the “Notification tone” by tapping the first tab and choosing one of the default tones. Tap “I’m done” once you’ve chosen the tone.


7. You can also add a location that triggers a habit reminder. To do that, tap "Add Location", choose either "On Arrival" or "At Departure", and press "Done" in the right top corner.


8. You can enable the “Boost mode” option by tapping “On”. Once enabled, it allows you to set the time when boost goes off and when it stops. Just set “Starts at” and “Ends at” if you need a big push, or want lots of regular reminders.


*Note: on the “Reminders” screen you can learn “How reminders work”, or “How boost works” by taping corresponding options. There are also instructions available in the app. To learn more, follow this link: Where can I find hints?




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