How to preview, share, and reset the image?

Let the whole world know about your talents. It was never easier to share your art creations with friends. But first, make sure that you like the result.    

To see, how your modified picture looks like, press a small round button (with an eye inside it) in the middle bottom of the screen. The “Eye” button shall turn red. This will hide the sidebar and other instruments so that you can get a full, undisturbed view of the image.

1.png 2.png

If satisfied, share it!

There are several sharing options available in the app. You can either share your work from the Camera Roll of your device where the image will be stored automatically or choose one of the sharing options visible in the menu. You can even add our hashtag to get more likes!


If you want to remove modifications you have made to the picture, simply press the “Restart” icon in the left bottom corner of the screen and then press “Remove” to restore the image.

1.png 2.png


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