Weather or location data is not updated

There are several reasons why the weather data may not match the actual weather situation. Failure to update data is not always due to an error in the app. It could also be due to a lack of Internet connection, the app not having permission to track your location, limitations on your device's power-saving modes, or an accidental device failure.


These simple steps will help you quickly resolve the issue:

1. Update the data manually.

You just need to tap the screen of the app, drag it down and then release. At the very top left side of the screen, you will see the radar icon animation will be triggered. This will indicate that the data in the app is being updated.


2. Restart the app.

To do this, tap the "Current App List" button on your device. This is one of the three navigation buttons on Android devices. It is located next to the home button, and its location varies by device. When the thumbnails of the current apps open, simply pull the tab to either side to close it.


3. Verify that the app has been given permission to track your location.

To do this, click the app icon and tap "App info", then go to App Permissions.
If the location is in a forbidden section, click on it, and select "Allow only while using the app", or "Allow all the time" (we highly recommend selecting the latter if you have an app widget installed).

Then restart the application as shown above (see step 2).

wl_data_update_3.jpg wl_data_update_4.jpg

wl_data_update_5.jpg wl_data_update_6.jpg

4. Check if your device has a power saving mode, a third-party similar program, or an antivirus program enabled.

This may be the reason of incorrect operation of the application, or untimely update of its data.


If after performing the above steps the problem has not been resolved, please inform us at with the details and the location for which the incorrect data is displayed, so that we can look into the problem in more detail.

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