How to add default artworks?

Adding artworks is a great way to make your images even more beautiful and sophisticated. For you, we have added the best and most stylish artworks, which you can easily apply to your image.

In order to add captions and artworks to your image, please follow these steps:

1. Tap the “Art” icon on the left sidebar:


2. In the menu that appears, choose one of the sections (frames, separators, shapes, masks, artworks, or text artworks) and tap an extension symbol “arrow”.


3. Swipe down the list of default thumbnail images and tap one of them to add.


4. You can place a caption anywhere you like by simply tapping it and dragging across the image. You can also rotate it or use a pinch-to-zoom gesture (consult image here) to make it bigger or smaller.

4.png 6.png

5. In order to delete a caption, tap the “X” symbol in the right top corner.


Note: Don’t forget to save your changes! Just press a big round button at the middle bottom of the screen to save the modified image.


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