How to set an image I want to modify?

We have developed this app so that you can have the best experience ever creating your own memorable and unique images. You will see that using it is very simple.

In order to choose an image you want to modify, please follow these steps:

1. When on the main screen, tap “Image” in the menu bar on the left.


2. In the sidebar that appears, tap “Photo” and choose an image from your Camera Roll.


3. Adjust the properties such as angle and position, by tapping one of the 3 figures below the image and moving the slider right and left. Use the “Crop” instrument in the top middle of the screen to resize the image. Once finished, tap the “verification sign” in the top right corner.


4. You can adjust brightness, contrast, blur intensity as well as add filters to the image by tapping the icon in the sidebar.


Note: Don’t forget to save your changes! Just tap a big round button at the middle bottom of the screen to save the modified image.


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