How to set an alarm

  1. Open the app’s time screen. To switch between screens, use the buttons at the bottom middle.


  1. Tap “+” icon at the bottom middle to open menu bar.


  1. In the menu bar, choose Alarm and tap it.


  1. You will see a New Alarm screen.

Here you can set the time for your alarm by tapping Time at the top-middle. Swipe through the digits to set the precise time. You can also choose the sound or music to be played, set repeat, fade in and snooze mode as well as add a note. Once you’ve set all the parameters, tap Save at the top-right corner of the screen.


*You might need to allow the app to send you notifications to ensure the proper functioning.

Your alarm has been set successfully. In order to make sure it was successfully activated, please consult this link: How do I know the alarm clock is activated

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