How to add widget?

Weather Live app allows you to add a widget to your device's main screen so that you can see the weather forecast data without the necessity to open the app.

To add the widget follow these simple steps:

1. Tap and hold your device's main screen till you see Widgets option at the bottom of the screen:


2. Tap Widgets to access all the widgets available for your device and in there choose Weather Live app. Tap on it to see the widgets available for the app:

Screenshot_20171006-134248.png Screenshot_20171006-134254.png

3. Tap on a widget that you would like to add and hold it a couple of seconds to see the widget settings. On this screen you will be able to set the location and allow (or disallow) the widget to track your current location and also set the widget transparency using the slider at the bottom:


4. When the widget is set - tap Apply and then adjust widget's size by dragging its borders on the screen:


5. When the widget's size is adjusted to your liking - tap once on the screen to finalize the set up process. Now you can enjoy weather forecast data directly on your device's Home screen!


Hope this info helps! If you have any questions about our apps or suggestions that you would like to see in future versions - drop us a mail at! We're always willing to help!

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