How to scan a document

Scanner for Me is a powerful tool that allows you scan documents, save to PDF and send them to your printer or share documents via Mail, iCloud Drive and other applications.

New scans can be made in Scanner mode. In case you are in the app’s Library please press the blue “+” symbol below and then select “Scanner” among the available options - you will be transferred to the scanner screen.

IMG_0592_1.png IMG_0593_1.png

When in Scanner mode please hold the camera over the document until blue square captures it. Then hold device still for 3 seconds in order to scan the document automatically.

IMG_0596_1.png IMG_0597_1.png

Page preview thumbnails will appear at the upper panel.

In case you would like to scan more than one page please repeat the scanning procedure - preview of all the scanned pages will be added into the upper panel.


Note! In case you would like to delete a scanned page please tap and hold at the preview, then drag it down - the page will be removed.

In order to save a scan press “check mark” symbol on the right part of the upper panel.


You can later find your saved scans in the app's Library. In order to find out how to access the Library please check the following guide: Where can I find my scans?

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