How to print a scan

Scanner for Me application allows sharing and printing your scans separately or altogether. In order to find out how to share your scan please check the article here.

In order to print a scan please follow the steps described below:

1. Open the scan and tap Print symbol among the available options below:


2. Tap the blue line at the bottom of the screen showing a printer name - you will see the list of available printers:

imageedit_5_3485491577.gif IMG_1519_1.png

In case your printer is not listed please press “+” symbol to search for the nearby printers. When your printer appears in the list, tap on it to select - you will see the printer name written on the blue line at the bottom of the screen.

imageedit_15_8967325761.gif IMG_1520.PNG

Note! Only airprint-compatible wireless printers are allowed to receive data from iOS devices. Please follow link in order to find out if your printer is listed as compatible:

3. In order to adjust printing options please press a cogwheel symbol on the blue line - to the right from your printer name. Print Options page allows you change scan orientation and its placement on the page. Tap Done in the upper right corner when everything is ready.

imageedit_17_4061437975.gif IMG_1521_1.png

4. Press Print button in the upper right corner of the screen - the document will be sent to your printer.


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